Monday, November 22, 2010

Bless the Invention of Fingerless Gloves

Winter is a comin'!  Temperatures are dropping by the second.  Ok, never really gets that cold here -- but it sure feels like it to this warm-blooded California girl.  So what do I do when I've got a bangin' manicure to show off but need to keep warm?  Wear fingerless gloves, of course!  My nickname for this particular style of gloves is "hobo gloves" because they remind me of what bums wear in the movies. LOL. 

On Satruday I studied nail disorders and diseases...informative, but gross.  I also had a couple of hours to practice manicures.  I did not take pictures of all of my work (doh!)  but I did take a snapshot of my own nails.  This is done with a SpaRitual polish and a Konad plate.  I am calling it my "Bare Fishnets" look.

The Inspiration

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