Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Major Want Alert!

NARS x Thakoon nail polishes?? Yes please!

I am all over these come the launch date of May 1.  In fact, I think I NEED all six colors.

Channeling Lisa Frank

Annie knew what she wanted when she walked in my door last night.  With tropical Kauai as her destination the next morning, she wanted nothing other than a set of rainbow cheetah nails.

As any nail obssessed girl knows, gel is the ONLY way to go for trips out of town when chips are unacceptable and your manicurist is out of reach. We picked out a flow of bright colors and did one hue on each nail to represent the spectrum of the rainbow. The brands used were both Shellac and Gelish. 

To take it to the next level (because I always do!), I busted out my acrylic paints and did some freestyle cheetah-ish spots in black and white. 

Annie's Kauai Mani

Old School Lisa Frank!