Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Carnaval Nails: San Francisco Style

Each May, just after Cinco De Mayo, and right before the frenzy of other street fairs that hit in June, San Francisco holds the best Carnaval celebration north of Brazil. Masses of floats, food on sticks, drummers and women shaking what their mama gave them are tightly sandwiched between street vendors, kids and neighborhood gangsters right smack in the heart of the Mission district.

My dear friend Annie dances with her family and friends every year in the Loco Bloco contingent. This time around, she warned me that their group color scheme was neon yellow, silver, gold and white aka "Shining Star" theme. How demure, I thought!  The fair warning got my creative juices flowing and a concept for her manicure was born.

Three coats of neon yellow nail polish, 8 gold tips and 20 stars later, we have the finished product.

The nails

Annie the "shining star"

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