Thursday, September 23, 2010


You may have already heard, but Sephora has a nail polish line by OPI.  It's quite quality.  I loved this shade called "Under my Trenchcoat."  It's a hybrid color that some have nick named "greige" (grey/beige...get it?)   I think it's THE must have color for this fall for everything: clothes, shoes, bags and NAILS! 

On Sunday I had my first foray offering my "handywork" to the public at Dun Up Boutique.  I did Sabina's nails with this polish.  Really, really tried hard to get the remnants of red off of her cuticules from her previous manicure (compliments of her 5 year old)...but it stuck like glue.  I used a couple of floral-lace patterns to make it sweet & feminine.

Me...putting in mad work.

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